Rubén Trincado

Rubén Trincado

This busy and innovative chef has come a long way and nowadays he stamps his personality on each of his dishes. His more local experience ranges from the Kokotxa restaurant in the old town, with Muguruza, to Martín Berasategui’s Bodegón Alejandro, and includes Hondarribia’s Abarka. However, Trincado also sought out new experiences overseas, continuing his training with Didier Garbage in Landes, La Perouse in Paris and Labota in Geneva.

However, without doubt those who have most influenced his love of the stove are the owner Faustina Zaldua and his father Mitxel, both, along with Mari Carmen Trincado, at the helm of the Mirador de Ulía for decades. This makes Rubén the third generation in the same restaurant.

He won the Martín Berasategui-Alcorta Mini-Kitchen Award in 2006. He recently received the 1st Michelin star in 2010

Rubén Trincado offers innovate cooking, free of complexes but rooted in traditional cooking. This is where he has inherited his passion for the flavours and aromas to which he then applies the most avant-garde techniques to surprise diners with the creations on their plates, but above all with the precision.